My Nonprofit Uses Social Media – Do We Still Need a Website?

Volunteers collaboration on online communication for their business or nonprofit

If your nonprofit or government agency is using social media to communicate — great! Consistency is the #1 ingredient for success. Many features, especially Facebook Events and Groups, are beneficial for nonprofits. It’s tempting to want to eliminate the extra work and expense of a website and depend only on your organization’s social media accounts …

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Acquiring or Selling a Business? A Checklist for Transferring Digital Assets

Most people buying or selling a business have a detailed account of assets such as land, buildings, inventory, and equipment. However, businesses also own digital properties: websites, domain names, social media accounts, directory listings, software, and more, and forgetting to include them in the acquisition can cost you money and loss of search engine visibility. …

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Tips for Holding Secure and Effective Public Zoom Meetings

person videoconferencing from home

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has emerged as the go-to solution for everything from yoga classes to official local government meetings. In my own sequestered life, in addition to using Zoom to meet with my book club and chat with friends, I’ve had a part in City Council meetings, a town hall by a Senate …

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Nonprofits: Why Hire Someone to Design your Website?

Front Page Community Garden Kitchen Website

As I said in my post about print projects, I have a passion for non-profit organizations. Each one is different and faces unique challenges. And, it’s extra motivating to use my skills to raise money for education, solve hunger, or help a city prosper. Many small non-profits don’t think they can afford to have a professional …

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So You’ve Received a Donation! Now What?

Thanks to a certificate program I am attending (see below), I wanted to share some insights on using your website and other communications channels to strengthen your nonprofit’s connections with supporters. So you have received a gift! Now what? I learned that of ten new donors, only three make a second gift! It sounds like …

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“Click Here to Log In” … don’t do it!

Beware of this Bluehost Phishing e-mail (“click here to log in” … don’t do it!). A “phishing” e-mail is one that tries to get you to reveal your login credentials to a hacker. Phishing is often how organizations get infected with viruses and ransomware. As you may know, a few days ago, 23 Texas cities …

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