Project: City of Van Alstyne, Texas

Front page of City of Van Alstyne Website

After launching the municipal website, we have refreshed it and added features to accommodate the fast-growing city north of Dallas, Texas. Since the previous City of Van Alstyne website site was more than four years old, we completely rebuilt the site, working with city staff to reorganize and update all of the content. New …

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Tips for Holding Secure and Effective Public Zoom Meetings

person videoconferencing from home

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has emerged as the go-to solution for everything from yoga classes to official local government meetings. In my own sequestered life, in addition to using Zoom to meet with my book club and chat with friends, I’ve had a part in City Council meetings, a town hall by a Senate …

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Historical Research: The McComb Murder

I’m a history nerd, so I’ve done quite a bit of research trying to find out what our building was used for. The earliest account I can find is that both buildings were the Alexander Hotel in 1896. I came upon a murder that happened within a couple of blocks of our location in downtown …

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