Every Door Direct Mail

Direct Mail Postcard in Celina, TexasEvery Door Direct Mail (EDDM) from the US Postal Service is a great way to reach customers easily and inexpensively.

It’s not appropriate for niche businesses or businesses with customers that are spread out all over the country. However, it’s perfect for businesses who potentially serve a wide range of a population within a certain geographic area. This includes many retail shops, restaurants, dentists, doctors, hospitals, contractors, real estate companies, banks, household-service businesses, potential voters, and more.

You can hit all mail routes within a certain number of miles from your business. Or you can target routes with certain characteristics. For example, a large animal veterinarian or steel building contractor could deliver to only rural routes. A high-end furniture retailer could target only neighborhoods with roomy and expensive homes.

I love telling people about EDDM! It’s so easy to get a return on investment from it. And my customers are reporting that the postcards make the phones ring!

How much revenue will a new customer and their referrals bring in? Can you include a coupon or special offer? An EDDM promotion can pay for itself.

You are allowed a very wide range of sizes. The example above is 2-sided, 6.5″  x 9″ and is quite large — this is the smallest size USPS allows. We have mailed folded cards, brochures and even menus at the same 18.3 cent rate. So there is plenty of room to show off your products and message.

Why EDDM is sometimes better than Presorted First Class Mail:

  • Postage is less; $0.176 vs. $0.34 or more. The postage for presort is difficult to calculate. It can be as low as $0.12 but only if you do very large volumes and have a good intelligent mail barcode.
  • You don’t have to mail all of your cards at once to save on postage, as opposed to traditional bulk mail which is priced on volume. With EDDM you can mail one route of 400 homes, then another the next day and so on.  The price is still just $.183 each. We will print your cards in volume to get better printing prices and process them only when you need them.
  • No mailing list. With other bulk mailings you must supply a list that has been validated and meets USPS requirements. Otherwise, the first class postcard postage is $0.34 each ($.49 for a large postcard – the size you get in EDDM for just $0.176!).
  • Processing costs are lower because we do not have to buy mailing lists, print addresses or deal with barcodes.
  • We use our EDDM permit, allowing us to pass the savings on to our customer. Presort permits cost money and must be renewed yearly.
  • Non-profits can use EDDM too!  If you are mailing to a limited geographic area (which my nonprofits all do), EDDM is less than non-profit presort. And, the non-profit does not need a special permit like they do with non-profit presort mailings.
  • NO wasted cards, NO wasted postage. The mail carriers deliver all the postcards to every mailbox on the route. The number one complaint I hear from people who do direct mail: “I bought a mailing list and still had a lot of rejected cards.”

However, if you are targeting, for example, just lawyers, senior citizens, college students, etc. you are better off buying a mailing list and doing traditional presort postcards.

Check out some more detailed examples of Every Door Direct Mail in action: