Hosting and other Recommended Services


For your business site, please contact us for a recommendation. We have a couple of different managed WordPress hosting platforms that we recommend depending on your traffic and budget.

If you write for your blog, you need this:

Write content with confidence — use Grammarly. An Instant Spelling And Grammar Checker, Grammarly checks your grammar and usage within WordPress. It even catches advanced issues such as compound sentence and passive voice problems. It seems to work within most web apps, and plugs into Outlook and Microsoft Word. Since I no longer have to look things up, the time it saves pays for itself.

Free & Quick Proofreading from Grammarly!


We love RackSpace e-mail! The support is truly fanatical. I call them and a human being picks up the phone on the first ring. They do all kinds of real techy cloud services, but go to the link below, click on “SOLUTIONS,” then “E-mail Hosting.” I use plain old Rackspace E-mail with the mobile and desktop applications of my choice. Don’t be nervous about how technical their page appears. They treated me as well as I would expect a huge company to be treated and walked me through migrating thousands of emails from my old provider.

Disclosure: We are affiliates and may receive compensation. However, we do NOT recommend resources unless we have personal experience and are extremely pleased with them.