Project: Sanford Elementary School PTA

A non-profit organization that serves as a major hub of community involvement for hundreds of people needs a website that is feature-rich and capable of even more expansion.

Bob and Lola Sanford Elementary PTA’s new website keeps families and teachers informed, raises funds and recruits volunteers with:

  • A blog (news articles) that also pushes to Facebook
  • Detailed explanations of all programs and volunteer opportunities
  • Calendar
  • Online membership forms with online payment
  • Contact forms
  • Online store for the purchase of T-shirts and other spirit items

The great thing about using this sort of system for non-profit organizations is that it’s easy for volunteers to update. People can even post from a mobile app!

We can set your system up so that contributors have varying levels of access. If desired, it’s easy to have posts held for review before they are published or write articles in advanced to launch at a specific time.

One of our specialties is facilitating community involvement with local governments and with non-profits that support local government. So, it was a pleasure to help Sanford Elementary School PTA kick off the new school year with this new site.