Project: Van Alstyne Community & Economic Development Corporation

Our nonprofits or agencies evolve, so don’t forget to reorganize your website to reflect your mission and staffing. In September of 2020, we combined two sites we developed several years ago and have been managing since into a single new site for both corporations: Van Alstyne Community and Economic Development (VACED)

The new site is a one-stop-shop for both retail/consumer/sales tax-generating and industrial/manufacturing businesses. It emphasizes two of the city’s unique features: The historic downtown and the industrial park with rail spur. The site aims to help companies to find resources to help them get started and grow in Van Alstyne. The objective is to drive principals to contact the Van Alstyne Community and Economic Development office, choosing Van Alstyne above other cities.


  • Mobile and accessibility-friendly design.
  • Help and link to new third-party Demographic Dashboard.
  • Community Event Calendar pulling events from other sites.
  • Curated news organized by topic.
  • Advanced search covering multiple document types.
  • Document archive going back as long as nine years.

Logo provided by client.

Does any of the following apply to your organization? If so, it may be time to redesign:

  1. The website is hard to read on mobile devices.
  2. There are graphics where text would do or other things that make your site difficult to use for people with disabilities. Often things that make your site hard to read on small screens (mobile) also make your site inaccessible.
  3. Your organization has grown, merged, contracted, or changed focus. Maybe you need to emphasize the most profitable areas of your business and remove or de-emphasize others.
  4. Staff is spending time answering phone calls or emails that people could handle themselves online.  Staff or volunteers are doing manual and repetitive tasks. Consider online calendars, payments, donations, forms, or calculators. If your team answers the same questions over and over, we can create an FAQ. A better onsite search engine and better search engine optimization will also allow people to get the information they need at any hour of the day.
    • Putting this information on Facebook is not a solution, because they own your data and control how it’s displayed — not you! It can go -poof- in an instant, and good luck getting it back because support from Facebook is virtually nonexistent. We can organize information with the customer in mind. It will be backed up and managed by you and us.

Please contact us — we can help!