A Unique “Touch” for Business Cards

Luxe Bespoke Business Card with spot UVIn addition to color and layout, your business card can stand out by “feeling” different than the mass produced ones people can simply order off the internet. Here is a great example — we would have loved to do a fabric business card (someday … I actually know how to do this!), but instead, we took a damask print and added a spot uv (clear) coating to only the part of the print that is on the chair. The rest of the card is a smooth matte finish.

Custom Business Cards

There are more options for giving your card a unique touch. Any of these options can also be applied to postcards, rack cards, retail packaging – anything you place in your customers’ hands. These touches can also be applied to invitations.

  • Fairy Dust – glitter … it’s on my card and people always stop to ask me about it.
  • Hemp paper and seed paper – very rough, cool!
  • Brown Kraft paper.
  • Silk Lamination – a luxe feel – I use these for my building trades folks as they are more durable. If you need waterproof cards, that can be done as well.
  • Plastic – clear frosted is really cool.
  • Embossing.
  • Raised UV – similar to the example at left. but the shiny application is raised a little more and more slick and wet-looking.
  • White Pearl.
  • Linen.

Below is another example, where we used matte gold metallic ink and spot UV coating on silk laminated paper. The key is embossed. 

Talk to us – let’s look into some creative ways to make your cards stand out from the rest.