Project: Two business cards with a sense of Place

Our town has been buzzing with new business activity since the beginning of the year, and I have been privileged to help two new businesses with very different atmospheres get off the ground.

Victorian Business CardRock’s Heart of Restoration is a venue for weddings and other events set in a beautiful Victorian house. Pulling in the sage and gold of the home, we achieved an updated take on Victorian design — ornate but still very readable. I hope that it inspires brides to pick up the phone and book a tour of this charming location.

Coffee House Business CardKyrie’s Coffee Co. is a new coffee house in Downtown Van Alstyne. When I went to visit, the place was still basically bare walls but the owner gave me a good feel for the place: Modern, clean and a little rustic. The colors are inspired by (of course)  coffee and latte foam. We designed the logo as well and it will be used extensively in the building decor and signage.

One of the great things about working in a small town is that I have clients who do business in unique old spaces. Once I get a sense for the place, the piece designs itself in my head almost immediately. Usually the owner picks a space because it goes with his or her product, the product and the place contribute to the brand, and all of this come together in the finished product.  Some other examples where this happened are Farmacy Fountain and the Durning House.

Little-known fact about me… not only do buildings cause designs to form in  my head, but when I meet a new client I assign him or her a color in my head. Some people are blue people. Some people are earth tones.  That is why I get thrown off when a client tells me right off the bat what color he or she wants to use. It’s not like an aura or something hippy dippy like that but if you are an orange person please don’t tell me you have decided that you are a green person! I can work with it but it’s a little hard.